Local Link Building

Toure Jones

Like all SEO, having links to your website is essential to your Local SEO. Many of the same techniques used for one will also work for the other.

One of these is the need to publish quality content that is geared toward your audience, promoting any relevant influencers, guest posts to other people’s blogs, and all related resource listings that are relevant to your business and industry.

What separates a local link from a general link is how particular it is. You need to place your links in a more locally targeted listing and blog.

You already know what quality content is, how to promote your business to influencers, and all the standard things that have previously been mentioned.

Local Business Listings Links

Now for something new: This is finding the right targeted and local leads. Here are some local citations sites by country that you can look to for some extra guidance.

If for some odd reason, this list fails to deliver what you need, you could mine for local leads on Google.

Here are some queries that you’ll be able to use for your search for business directories and listings:

[location] business listings

[Location] business directory

[location] directory

[business type keyword] business listings [location]

[business type keyword] business directory [location]

Business type keyword] directory [location]

If you’re a trade organization, try these:

[location] [business type keyword] alliance

[location] [ business type keyword] association

[location] [ business type keyword] council

[location] [business type keyword] society

Here are some strategies to get local links

The first thing is to start a spreadsheet with all your results in it. Then organize it by priority. This means which one to connect to first, which can be dependent on relevance and overall influence.

  • Reach out to relevant business directories to get your business listed.
  • Join active and trade-based organizations that are related to your business. 
  • Partner with any non-profits, charities, and even schools. Offer your services, scholarships, sponsorships, or even office space for any of their special events.
  • Spearhead or participate heavily in local community events.
  • Using your connections to set up interviews will be prominent and local figures. This could be local officials or anyone popular in the area. Then pitch these to the local paper.
  • Start to network with bloggers in your area, along with other small businesses. Choose only the most relevant connections. Open a promotion or link exchange.
  • Start a mentoring program. This can be in the local schools or within the community.
  • Speak at any events put on by your alma mater and, if possible, grant an interview.

After you do any of these things, make a pitch to the local paper to get some good press. 

How important are these?

If your local newspaper features you, this may give you some authoritative links (.gov, .edu, .org).

For inspiration, a local link building case study by Moz is cited as saying an owner started a local scholarship. After a feature in the local paper, they got a link from the Wall Street Journal. 

Links from authoritative sources are a great way to build links and give you an edge in rankings.

Participating in local events will give your Local SEO a boost and also increase your visibility. If everything is delivered correctly, you’ll see a boost in your reputation within the community.

Locals prefer to support other local businesses. Especially ones that make a continual effort to impact their community and make themselves known. A company that doesn’t post about the good things or on their social media, or have failed to make any local connections, and have an active presence will probably fade into obscurity.

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