Local SEO Ranking Factors

Toure Jones
  1. This part deals with the 3-pack rankings, map, and other map results and what influences them.
  2. The second part deals with your rankings and influences in an organic listing.

You may be wondering what these rankings are influenced by. With all the data available, let’s take a peek!

Local SEO Pack and Map Ranking Factors

Moz has done a fantastic case study on Local SEO if you need even more information:

Your signals are essential to how you are ranked on Google. Optimize them well.

Google My Business Signals is the #1 factor. This means you’ll have to optimize your Google My Business Listing properly. (Don’t panic as this guide has you covered on this below).

As you go down the list, you see links play an essential role in your Local SEO. This also includes onPage signals from your website, reviews, and even citation signals.

Many industry professionals call this the “blended algorithm.” Before all this, local map results weren’t influenced as much as they are now by your website’s ranking signals. Now they are intertwined. So, if you aren’t ranking in maps, it may be time to put out some more reliable signs on your website.

And speaking of Ranking:

Organic Listing and the Factors in Website Ranking

This part is about the section below the maps is your organic search results. You can refer to the Moz Study mentioned above to see the factors for ranking at the top.

 All these factors are a vital part of ranking high on Google.

In this section, Link Signals are the #1 ranking factor. Links are an integral part of organic Ranking.

As you scroll down the list, OnPage Signals (this is optimizing your website with content and appropriate keywords), then comes behavioral signals, followed by personalization, and finally, NAP citation signals.

All these factors will be considered in this guide! 

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