Why You Need Local SEO

Toure Jones

Your business is up and running, your social networks are on point, and your website is the best it can be, but those three letters SEO keep creeping up on you. Don’t get too anxious as working with SEO can be comfortable with the right tools. These tools can help boost your business to the front of the pack and are an essential way to increase organic search results that can help your company grow. As a successful business owner, you want this prosperity to keep going. Looking into local SEO and others will help you achieve better results.

What is Local SEO?

To put it simply, local SEO refers to optimizing your online presence, so it attracts more businesses from local and relevant searches. These searches can take place on search engines like Google, Bing, and many others or on directory sites like TSection. One thing to keep in mind is that local SEO isn’t always about Google. While it is the most popular, many people, possibly yourself, may use a search engine that suits you.

Since Google does take at least 87% of the market share, it’s essential to make sure your business is optimized for Google. This means the majority of people searching for a local store will be using Google. Many local searches on Google are done from different apps and devices.

As a business owner, you’ve worked hard to make it grow. You put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and probably drank a lot of coffee to get it going. Though you’ve done the brand-building and made sure your services and products are high-quality, you still need to rank high on searches. This is done with local SEO.

It is a form of local search engine marketing used to market your business online effectively. If you’re wondering if your local SEO is right, you want to make sure you strive for the “3 pack” or Google Map 3-Pack. 

What is the Google Map 3-Pack?

The Google Map 3-Pack is Google’s way of displaying the top three results using your location to make your search more relevant. An example would be if you searched, “coffee shops near me,” the 3-Pack would then display the top three coffee shops near your current location.

It focuses on the links on your brand’s business website. It also looks at how information changes and how it’s displayed. This makes it easier for those using a mobile device to navigate through the search and find your company’s business information like phone number, address, and hours of operation. 

How to Tie All this Together

The best tool to use to tie all this together is Google My Business Listing. This will help you with your local SEO and get you on that Google Map 3-Pack. As a bonus, Google My Business Listing is free. It is a useful tool for your business to manage your online presence across the Google platform. This includes Maps and Search. You can edit and verify your company’s information so customers can find your business and tell them about your story.

Benefits of Using Google My Business Listing

  • You can manage your business’s information.
  • You can interact with your customers.
  • The listing will also allow you to understand and even expand your presence.

It doesn’t stop there as there are other local listings you may also want to look into. This helps add an extra boost to your local SEO and help you appear higher up on searches organically, which can help boost your business. Though SEO can be a little tricky, you already did the hard part of starting and building your business. Keep treating it with extra care by using local SEO and Google Map 3-Pack along with your Google My Business listing to move to the top of the list. 

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